Relax Relate Release Retreats

Are you ready to RELAX,

Get ready for our exclusive wellness retreats designed and curated for Black Women to do just that —

Each retreat features amazing speakers and fun so that you have the perfect blend of sisterhood and inner- child play dates.

  • You get to detox from the world and let your curls bounce.
  • You get to shed the expectations of the world and the world’s negative definitions put on us.
  • You get to shed the forced identity of being a Strong Black Woman and be the authentic feminine woman you were called to be.
  • You get to stop working twice as hard and just be.
  • You get to stop being the savior of all and be a savior to yourself through self care.
  • You get to be YOU!

Upcoming RICH Destinations
Hawaii - Waikkiki
Cancun & Isla De Mujeres

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