Welcome to Rich Black Woman Rich Reflections

Welcome to Rich Black Woman Rich Reflections.  

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True Tales from The Workplace That Every Black Woman Can Relate Too: When The Black Girl Magic Is No Longer Entertaining but Threatening.


Every Black woman has a story to tell.  A story where she enjoyed her job, her team, the company mission and then suddenly like an end-of-the-world tornado out of the midwest sky comes a furor of bad weather to take her down.  This unusual inclement weather storm was brewing in the background, but maybe you thought it would be a category 1, when instead it burst into a category 5 destructive hurricane force that sought to ruin your reputation, your livelihood and most of all yourself-- and confidence in yourself.   After the storm touches down and obliterates you leaving a hollow frame, you stand in awe scratching your head trying to figure out what in the Wakanda Forever just happened.  


You see, yesterday, you were the poster child, yesterday you could do no wrong, yesterday you had exceeded expectations on your annual performance review.  Yesterday, you were Black. Girl. Magic. Personified.  But then reality hit.  Someone was triggered by your excellence, your ease, your grace, the constant mastery you consistently showed up with and that just didn’t sit well with them, I mean to be that damn good sis.  Like chill on that BGM, you ain't gotta show out everytime.  We just wanted you to flex for our sake, for our shine.  How dare you rise and shine, and be moisturized in this dry and arid corporate no woman’s land.  


As fast as you had experienced your meteoric rise to greatness, someone for some reason had to be janky.  They got sick of you smoothly operating everything.  They got tired of you getting comfortable in your skin, and exuding confidence and not asking for permission to embody your talents.  No, sis you were supposed to be dry, crackly, lonely, unloved, at everyone else’s service, and the side chick. You know the character in the movie: the overweight Black woman, intentionally made unattractive with no storyline of her own but to help guide the centerpiece to her ultimate romantic love and destiny.  You Black woman, can’t ever get any ideas in this harmful social script that you too can have a Hallmark story journey and ending.  Nope. Your telenovela is to be a tele-horror.  And any hints of you deviating from this social prescription is cause for an all out assault.


Here’s the thing: they are going to hate whether or not you shine.  So you might as well let your soul shine, let your drip DRIPP.  Let your curls bounce, let your locs loc, let your braids bob, let your silk press flow, let your melanin melanate.  Why?  Because you can’t let your soul die, you can’t let that inner baby girl(in my Bernie Mac voice) die.  You have to love her and let her be the grown version of her and that means moving in your greatness with strategy.  In our next post, learn just how we move in our magic to protect our sanity, our bank account and our career brand to the next level all while under control and playing chess not checkers.