Rich Black Woman

We live in a world of abundance. Black women continue to be over-mentored and under-funded (shout out to the sister who said this first at the Goldman Sachs One Million Black Women Event)! We don’t need another program, we need action and actionable steps to empower us. The women who have been placed on the bottom of this world’s upside down social value system have been contributing since the dawn of “wo-man” and we want a piece of the pie. We want a world of abundance not lack. Rich Black Woman sees Black women for the magical gifted women they are. While Black women are often underestimated and overlooked, Rich Black Woman centers the success of Black Women and says, yes you can have abundance in your life and you deserve it. So come go with me, your girl Yaz on our weekly podcast adventures, wellness retreats, sales coaching, and business accelerators to reach that 8 Fi Life you desire. We live in a world of unlimited supernatural provision--let’s get rich together. Live Richly, Yaz